You will have seen the terrible things that have happened to a very small number of babies in the past; unfortunately the potential for abuse is still real and present, and we all need to do what we can to minimise this – safeguarding and maternity colleagues in Humber, Coast and Vale launch the ICON ‘Babies Cry, You Can Cope’ shaken baby prevention programme

We all know how difficult times have been over the last few months, and how sometimes it feels like the small things that used to just wash over us previously feel so much harder to bear. This is especially true when we’re stuck at home, without the opportunity to go for a cuppa with a … Read more

Partnership secures £500,000 investment to connect more people with nature to improve their mental health in wake of Coronavirus pandemic

The Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership is one of just seven health and care partnerships in the country to secure £500,000 as part of a two-year national scheme aimed at helping the mental wellbeing of communities hardest hit by coronavirus. The ‘green social prescribing’ project has been established by the Department for … Read more

Health Experts Plan to Build Mental Health Resilience

Over 300 mental health colleagues joined guest speakers including author Alastair Campbell, Prof of Psychiatry and Population Health Nav Kapur, National Director for Learning Disability and Autism, NHSE/I Ray James CBE and National Director for Mental Health, NHSE/I Claire Murdoch CBE in attending the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership’s virtual mental health … Read more

EPaCCS is about putting the wishes of the patient at the centre of care and supporting people approaching the end of life, their families, carers and the clinicians that look after them

The subject of death and how we experience it as individuals, families and a society, is a challenging one for many of us. But although the fact of death is an unescapable and sometimes uncomfortable truth, the last few years have seen a marked transition in how we approach and deal with death as a … Read more

Great-grandmother Sheila, 84, receives Covid-19 vaccine

A beaming smile on her face, Sheila Page declared it “one of the best Christmas presents” in her life. Sheila Page, 84, became the first person in the Humber, Coast and Vale region to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Sheila, who has seven grandchildren and eight great-children, said: “I couldn’t wait. People who don’t want it … Read more

Face to face care has been more limited recently so it’s critical we identify where patients experiencing mental ill health may be at risk of domestic violence. Developing training and strengthening links with local domestic abuse partnerships helps us support women with known mental ill health who are in a vulnerabe position and may need additional support

A recent UN report has found that cases of domestic abuse increased by 20% during the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown. With many victims trapped at home with their abuser, the UN has described the global rise in domestic violence cases as a “shadow pandemic” alongside Covid-19. Separate findings from Women’s Aid have shown that about … Read more

NHS 111 First launches across the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership to provide an integrated urgent and emergency care offer to all residents

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear that we need to change the way we all access healthcare, to help reduce the risk of infection. In line with government guidance on social distancing, changes are needed due to the limited space in hospitals and urgent treatment centre waiting rooms across the country. NHS 111 First … Read more