Our Work

Our work with populations in North East Lincolnshire goes beyond diagnosing and treating illness, putting more emphasis on improving well-being and preventing ill health.

Working differently to achieve better outcomes

Our Health and Care Partnership is developing a more comprehensive way of doing things, bringing together mental, physical, and social care for people of all ages. By working together seamlessly, we aim to achieve better outcomes for everyone in our community. This involves collaborating on a broader scale to address health inequalities and put the needs of our residents first. Find out more about our approach.

Our approach to Mental Health

Our Mental Health Strategy lays out our vision for a mentally healthy community in North East Lincolnshire. We believe that good mental health begins with preventing issues before they become serious, and this can only happen when organizations and individuals work together.

By bringing together different partners who are interested in mental health through the Health and Care Partnership, we can achieve more than if we were working alone. We understand that having stable housing, employment, and a sense of belonging are essential for maintaining good mental health.

We also acknowledge that there are times when everyone needs a bit of help and support. It’s our promise that when people need assistance, they know where to turn, and when they seek help, they receive quality, thoughtful, and caring support tailored to their needs.

Produced with experts by experience

The five-year strategy was developed with people who have experienced mental health difficulties to help create support designed with the community rather than in a distant office. Mental health experts by experience have led a number of events bringing local people, carers, the voluntary sector and organisations that plan and provide services together. This approach will be a trademark of the health and care partnership.

Visit the Mental Health Strategy 2023-2028.

Our workforce plan

Workforce shortages are the biggest challenge facing the NHS and social care in the United Kingdom. The lack of sufficient workforce in number and mix of skills is already impacting patient experience, service capacity and productivity and constrains our ability to transform the way we treat and care for our population.

In North East Lincolnshire all organisations in the Health and Care Partnership have workforce challenges and recognise the benefit of working together on this key issue. Visit the North East Lincolnshire Workforce Plan 2024-2029.