North Yorkshire

The North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (NYHCP) includes health and care organisations from across North Yorkshire who are working together to improve the health of our population.

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Our ambition

For all residents of North Yorkshire to have a fair chance of living a fulfilling life, free from preventable ill health, ‘adding years to life and life to years’

  • think ‘people’: In North Yorkshire, we will work with our communities who experience the poorest health outcomes to make sure that they can access and benefit from the services and opportunities they need
  • think ‘place’: In North Yorkshire, where you live should help you stay well and happy. We want to make sure that where you live does not unfairly reduce the quality of your health or length of your life
  • think ‘population health and prevention’: In North Yorkshire, we will improve the health of all our residents by prioritising interventions that will make the most difference and that make sense to do at scale.

Where we are now

  • People already affected by health inequalities before the pandemic have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, leading to even greater inequality
  • over three fifths of adults are overweight or obese – similar to the national average. Healthy life expectancy (number of years lived without serious illness) for women is below the England average, and over the past nine years, has not increased. 25% of our population is estimated to have a life-long illness
  • our population is ageing – one in four people in North Yorkshire is over 65. People who live in the wards with the highest life expectancy live 12.6 years (women) and 15.4 years (men) longer than those in the wards with the lowest life expectancy.

Our priorities

This image sets out our priorities which are: A comprehensive and integrated health and social care model, A high quality care sector with sufficient capacity to meet demand, a strong workforce and prevention and public health - adding life to years and years to life

What we will deliver in 2023/24

In 2023/24 we will:

  • enable the four Local Care Partnerships to lead the design of the local integrated model in partnership with York, redesign and deliver a new single fully integrated 24/7 urgent care specification
  • develop and deliver a business case for a new integrated model for intermediate care
  • support discharge and flow through intermediate care with new hub and system monitoring arrangements
  • develop population health management and prevention through a Primary Care Network (PCN) programme and cardiovascular dashboard
  • deliver crisis response and virtual ward beds in line with 23/24 trajectories
  • establish North Yorkshire VCSE assembly by Community First Yorkshire
  • develop innovative models for domiciliary care, including care built on community strengths
  • to further support provider sustainability, the Council will review the timescale for moving residential placements to actual cost of care
  • work with care providers to implement the national charging reforms for adult social care and the NHS discharge pathway
  • develop robust Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to maximise utilisation and flow within independent sector
  • prepare proposals for transforming local authority in house domiciliary care provision
  • develop more balanced/varied roles with appropriate rewards
  • develop innovative approaches to recruitment and innovative workforce models
  • identify opportunities for cross sector working and roles
  • support international recruitment across sectors
  • 12 oral health practitioners due to complete apprenticeship in August 2023 with opportunities to undertake roles in Yorkshire and Humber area
  • legacy registered manager mentor to be appointed to provide support for registered managers across the North Yorkshire and York areas
  • refresh the Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • expand population health management (PHM) review cycles across PCNs
  • appoint a joint post between North Yorkshire Place and North Yorkshire Council to lead on health inequalities and population health
  • e-cigarettes to be used as a harm reduction tool as part of the Living Well Smokefree Service
  • implement Drug Treatment Plan for 23/24
  • support people to maintain good mental health with timely access to effective primary, secondary and specialist services when needed
  • support people to be physically active across all ages and stages of the life course
  • influence, through the strength of the partnership, the wider determinants of health with a focus on coastal communities
  • promote and invest in stronger communities and strategic commissioning of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector
  • engage people in a dialogue about self-care, early help, loneliness and using digital tools