COVID-19 vaccine 

The COVID-19 vaccination is effective and the safest way to protect yourself.

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While COVID-19 can be unpleasant for most people it can be very dangerous and even life threatening for some, particularly people with certain health conditions, older people and pregnant women.

Find out more about getting a COVID-19 vaccine, including if you’re eligible and how to get it

Read about the COVID-19 vaccination, safety and side effects

The COVID vaccine gives you the best possible protection against COVID-19. It is safe and effective. Around 40 million adults in the UK have already had both COVID vaccine doses. The NHS has delivered over 146 million COVID vaccines, helping to save tens of thousands of lives. Find out more about the COVID vaccine here.

Most children who get COVID will only suffer mild symptoms, but, for some children COVID can be dangerous. Find out more about eligibility here.

If you’re a health or social care worker you’re eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccine. Speak to your employer or book through the National Booking Service (NBS). When booking through NBS simply state whether you are a frontline health worker or a frontline social care worker.

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Unsure if you’re

If you are not sure if you have had all your vaccines submit an online request with your GP practice to ask. Your GP practice will identify missing vaccinations and schedule a catch-up if needed.