Catterick Integrated Care Campus (CICC)

A unique integrated care campus, bringing a range of health and social care services together under one roof in a purpose-built facility. A joint collaboration, and first of its kind, between the National Health Service (NHS) and Ministry of Defence (MOD).

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About the project

Since 2015, the NHS and Ministry of Defence (MOD) have been working together on plans to enhance the range of health and care services for Catterick Garrison and the wider Richmondshire area to help address:

  • capacity to support growing numbers of military personnel, dependants and families, as well as the residential population
  • limited service integration and communication
  • lack of parity in terms of service (military vs NHS)
  • mental health and children’s service provision
  • access to services
  • quality of estates
  • rurality and travel

The CICC will introduce an innovative alignment between the NHS and MOD to deliver an integrated service offer to military personnel, their dependents and veterans as well as local residents in Catterick and the Richmondshire area which is fit for the future. It is expected that the CICC will become a centre of excellence and a model of best practice for integrated primary care within our region and nationally.

Tilbury Douglas has been contracted to deliver the building. This follows on from design and scoping work they delivered over the last two years. Construction of the facility started in early 2024. 

Where we are now

Construction has now started on the flagship NHS and MOD health complex in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. The joint project between the MOD and NHS will deliver transformative integrated health and care services to the military and civilian communities of Catterick, North Yorkshire, and the wider Richmondshire areas. The Catterick Integrated Care Campus is a first of its kind MOD-NHS partnership and will enable shared estate, expertise and learning to optimise the health and care services for people across the area. See below a project timeline.

  • July 2024: Sub-structure work begins on site and is due to finish November 2024.
  • August 2024: The roofing of the building will begin and is due to finish in July 2025.
  • September 2024: Internal fitout – this makes any interior space suitable for use looking at electrical, mechanical and plumbing work.
  • October 2024: Window fitting, due to finish in January 2025. Brickwork and cladding gets underway and this is due to finish in July 2025.
  • July 2025: Face completion (the outside or all of the external faces of a building).
  • Build due to complete in Spring 2026.

Services we are considering (subject to clinical modelling)

  • General Practice services including Out of Hours
  • Other clinical services such as: Sexual Health, Orthopaedics, Heart Failure, Horizons Drugs and Alcohol, Pain Management, and others
  • Imaging and other diagnostic services such as: X-ray, and Audiology.
  • Community services such as: Paediatrics, Adult and Child Mental Health, Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation, Speech and Language Therapy, NHS dentistry provision for adults and children with a disability or serious mental illness.
  • Social Prescribing services which help people in non-medical ways that support their health and wellbeing.
  • Defence health recovery group teams: defence occupational health team, defence primary care rehabilitation service, community mental health.
  • Military occupational dentistry


Click the drop down below to view information on our upcoming and previous engagement opportunities:

Spring Roadshow Events Summary

Throughout May, the CICC engagement team, in partnership with the Town Centre Regeneration Project, hosted seven roadshow events at various locations in Catterick, Colburn, and Richmond.

The aim of these events was to ensure that residents were fully informed about the progress of the building work, project timescales, and the services that will be provided within the CICC. Additionally, these events provided an opportunity for residents to ask questions, share concerns, and sign up for a stakeholder distribution list to receive ongoing updates and information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resident Engagement: We spoke to 213 people across all events.
  • Positive Feedback: Overall feedback was very positive, with residents expressing excitement about the project and emphasizing its necessity in the area.
  • Community Concerns:
    • Public Transport and Travel: Concerns about the availability and accessibility of public transport.
    • Dental Services: Lack of NHS dental provision.
    • Urgent Care Provision: Absence of urgent care services within the CICC, linked to concerns about transport and travel.
  • Scepticism: A small number of residents were sceptical about the authenticity of the services being integrated and their availability to everyone, not just MOD personnel.

More information on what we heard at our events can be found in our feedback report. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and talk to us, we look forward to continuing conversations again in the near future.

Tilbury Douglas drop in sessions:

Local residents are invited to attend the drop-in sessions from 1.30 till 2.30 on Wednesday 31 July, 30 August, 30 October and 27 November. The sessions will be held on site, please find instructions attached. From the conference room people will have a great view of the project. Tea/coffee, refreshments & toilet facilities will be provided. Everybody is welcome to attend to ask questions, find out more about the project and to see first-hand how the scheme is progressing.

To stay up to date with all the latest news, information and upcoming events, sign up for our newsletter, here. If you would like to get more involved in the CICC programme please email



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