North Lincolnshire

The North Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership includes health and care organisations from across North Lincolnshire who are working together to improve the health of our population.

Our vision

North Lincolnshire will be the best place for all of our residents to be safe, well, prosperous and connected; experiencing better health and wellbeing, delivered through our Community First approach. People will:

  • enjoy good health and wellbeing at any age and for their lifetime
  • live fulfilled lives in a secure place they can call home
  • have equality of opportunity to improve their health, play an active part in their community and enjoy purpose in their lives
  • adult smoking rates continue to fall and were less than the England average in both 2020and 2021. We will study this reduction and ensure that the pattern continues

Our health challenges

  • 4.2% adults have coronary heart disease compared to England average of 3%
  • recorded prevalence of depression is 14.3% compared with England average of 12.3%
  • the local population of over 65s is expected to grow by a further 30% by 2042
  • adult smoking rates have dropped from 17.8% in 2019 to 12.3% in 2021
  • 72% of the population were overweight or obsese in 2019/20 up from 67% in 2015/16
  • 16.9% of women smoking at the time of giving birth compared to England average of 9.1%

Our priorities

  • Mental health and wellbeing will thread through all that we do, across all ages
  • Innovation will be supported including digital tools that enable individuals to maximise health and wellbeing
  • Asset based community development will identify & work with the strengths of our communities to level up North Lincolnshire
  • The health inequalities gap will reduce across our wards and healthy life expectancy will improve
  • Access to health and care takes account of rural challenges
  • The integrated practice model will be person centred
  • People with long term conditions will experience proportionately good health
  • There will be a single workforce strategy covering leadership and management, recruitment and retention, reward and recognition, career pathways and talent development

What we plan to deliver first

We will:

  • ensure our plans reflect the voice of our communities by working with our Experts Together Partnership and Children’s Voice Partnership
  • embed a population health management approach in all service developments to tackle health inequalities and improve outcomes for those most disadvantaged
  • develop our workforce to support delivery of improved outcomes through integration
  • develop and implement the Scunthorpe South Integrated Neighbourhood Team, focusing on our most vulnerable, high risk populations, and share best practice with other neighbourhoods
  • delivery of an Integrated Urgent Care Model, including an integrated health and care single point of access and utilising our Home First Model, supporting people in the community, or where hospital admission is required, supporting them at home and maximising recovery
  • develop our local provider market to support best value provision of in area care for our population with particular focus on continuing health care and mental health and learning disability
  • deliver a Community Diagnostic Hub to stream planned diagnostics to a community facility to enable delivery of diagnostic targets
  • embed our Local Frailty Model to reduce hospital admissions through proactive care and community delivered care, maximising independence
  • deliver a plan for improved primary care access including plans for better management of capacity, estate and digital
  • deliver the Connected Health Network Approach to outpatient transformation to reduce hospital outpatient referrals and follow ups
  • development of sustainable neurodiversity pathway for children and young people including pre and post diagnosis support
  • identify prevention opportunities to support demand management, including deliveryof cardio-vascular disease prevention programme
  • develop and implement our clinical delivery model for palliative and end of life care, with a focus on early identification and utilisation of Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System and ReSPECT in line with the Northern Lincolnshire Palliative End of Life Care Strategy