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Our vision is extremely ambitious and will not be achieved overnight. We have identified priority areas to focus on over the next three years to deliver the vision we have set out.

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We want to help more people to survive cancer and support people in our region to live well with and beyond cancer.

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Children and Young People’s Alliance

The Children and Young People’s Alliance brings together representatives from across the partnership, including health, education, social care, public health and the voluntary sector.


Climate Change and Sustainability

Climate change poses the most significant long-term threat to our health, not to mention our planet. The Greener NHS programme will work with staff, hospitals and our partners.


Hospital Services

We want to create more efficient hospital-based services for people who need them, making the best use of the resources and workforce across our system to plan and deliver hospital care.



We are working together to improve maternity services and deliver the recommendations of Better Births in our area.


Mental Health

We want people of all ages who experience mental health problems, have learning disabilities and/or Autism to live healthy lives, be able to achieve their goals and be accepted and supported in the communities they live in.


Planned Care

Working together to improve elective (planned) care locally is a key priority for the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

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Working Voices

Health and wellbeing in the workplace is more important than ever. In Yorkshire and Humber, it’s estimated two per cent of working days are lost to staff sickness. Minor illness, back and joint pain and mental health are among the most common reasons behind staff absence, with those who smoke even more likely to become poorly.

Making the Change Happen



The Consortium is an alliance of health and social care partners and educators focused on the the recruitment and retention of support staff


Digital Technology

Digital technology and innovation can help us to transform the way we provide health and care and offer new ways to support people to stay well.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is known by its shorthand of ‘EDI’ across NHS organisations, and may just be called ‘inclusion’ or ‘equality’ in local authority and social care settings. 


Faculty of Advanced Practice

The Faculty of Advanced Practice provides strategic direction and enables a co-ordinated approach to ensure advanced clinical practitioner and physician associate capacity meets service need.


Health Equity Fellowship

Digital technology and innovation can help us to transform the way we provide health and care and offer new ways to support people to stay well.


Learning Enviroment Assessment and Placements

The LEAP programme is about creating a healthier region where every learner on a clinical work placement has the opportunity, the support, and the infrastructure to thrive in their chosen health or care career.


People & Workforce

We are working together to ensure we can find and keep the right people, in the right places, with the right skills, to deliver care for our populations.


Physician Associates

Physician associates are healthcare professionals who have the attitudes, skills and knowledgebase to deliver holistic care and treatment within general medical or general practice teams under defined levels of supervision.

Get involved


Get Involved

The views and ideas of our local populations are taken into account when new ways of delivering services are being proposed.