We are working together to ensure we can find and keep the right people, in the right places, with the right skills, to deliver care for our populations.

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Our Priorities

Health and social care sector employers in our region are often unable to permanently recruit the staff they require to deliver services, resulting in increasing reliance on temporary staff.

Difficulty recruiting and keeping skilled and experienced staff is the root cause of many problems we face: financial, safety, performance and quality. We need to work together to address these issues.

Through the partnership, we are developing a comprehensive approach to meeting our workforce needs now and in the future.

Our work

Faculty of Advanced Practice
A membership group of employers and educators, which provides strategic direction and enables a co-ordinated approach to ensure advanced clinical practitioner and physician associate capacity meets service need across our region.

Health and Care Workforce Consortium
A system wide alliance of partners and educators focused on the recruitment and retention of support staff.

Learning Environments Assessment and Placements (LEAP) The LEAP programme is about creating a healthier region where every learner on a clinical work placement has the opportunity, the support, and the infrastructure to thrive in their chosen health or care career.

Health and Wellbeing
Health and wellbeing programmes have been developed and are available, in addition to those in your own organisation.

Primary Care Workforce Development
Primary Care Workforce Development is a priority in the area. Stakeholders are working hard to train more GPs and Primary Care nurses, but also to recruit and train other medical professionals to work in Primary Care.

Featured Programmes

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