Our collective ambition for longer and healthier lives: a review of 2023/24

Establishing an Integrated Care System in Humber and North Yorkshire has been the work of many – including teams within the ICB, and equally importantly our many partners across the entire Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care System.

Here we provide a year end update on the achievements of the ICB and system partners during 2023/24. We recognise that at a time of financial constraint it is vital that all parts of the system can evidence the value that they add to the achievement of the system’s ambitions.

This section showcases the contribution the ICB, with partners, has made towards our strategic ambitions. We hope you enjoy reading this and share pride in the many steps we are taking together to improve the health of our population.

In Humber and North Yorkshire, we have an ambition for everyone in our population to live longer, healthier lives by narrowing the gap in healthy life expectancy between the highest and lowest levels in our communities by 2030 and increasing healthy life expectancy by five years by 2035.

Working together and making the most of our collective experience and resource from health and care organisations across Humber and North Yorkshire is integral to realising our vision and achieving our ambition. This is done through our Integrated Care System – Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

To reach that ambition we have a vision, and that is to ensure all of our people Start Well, Live Well, Age Well and Die Well.



We have also set out our 2023/24 Drivers for Change.