IMOC Consultations

HNY IMOC holds open consultations on decisions which affect patient care. This may include updated formulary chapters, new or updated clinical guidelines or commissioning statements, or changes to formulary status. All comments received are carefully considered by the group which made the decision, before a final recommendation is made. Decisions are then reviewed by the HNY IMOC for information or approval, as appropriate.

Consultations typically run for six weeks, and comments are invited from all stakeholders across Humber and North Yorkshire. You can comment on current proposals via the links in the table below.

Title:Information:Feedback:End Date:
Consultation on the adoption of the National shared care protocol: Valproate medicines for patients of child-bearing potential – shared care protocol to reflect updated safety advice for all prescribers.On behalf of the Humber and North Yorkshire IMOC, we now seek the views of all stakeholders, on the feasibility of implementing this national shared care protocol and all its recommendations. This consultation period is open until 5pm on 5 December 2022.Feedback Form5 December 2022

Please direct any questions to the secretariat at