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Age Well

We want to ensure live healthy and independent lives as long as possible by understanding what matters most to them.

Age well stats 22% of people in Humber and North Yorkshire are aged 65 or over 31% of these are living alone. For every 1,000 people across Humber and North Yorkshire, 21 are moderately frail, eight are severely frail and nine are housebound.

We have delivered nearly 25,000 2-hour urgent crisis response first contacts against a plan of 23,000. Urgent community response services are a commitment in the NHS Long Term Plan to provide urgent care to people in their homes if their health or wellbeing suddenly deteriorates.

We have delivered 184 virtual ward beds across providers within HNY, predominantly in the frailty and respiratory pathways. This has enabled more people to be treated at home.

We have made improvements across in the delivery of NICE care processes and treatment targets for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients.

Last summer, local partners in North Yorkshire and York, working in collaboration hosted the second annual Care Provider Olympics. The event was a celebration of physical activity and health over six weeks in June and July, with 800 people from 32 care providers in the region taking part. The initiative was shortlisted for the 2023 Nursing Times Awards, recognising the innovation it brings to supporting health and wellbeing in the care sector.

In December 2023, The New York Times published a case study on the amazing work the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre in Hull achieves. This included statements from patients and clinicians, and is the latest high profile recognition that the centre has achieved, following the feature on BBC Panorama in 2022.

Now in its sixth year, the Jean Bishop Integrated Care Centre is a leading example of NHS, social care, voluntary, fire and rescue services working collaboratively to keep thousands of frail and elderly people in the surrounding area fit, out of hospital and living independently at home or in their care setting.

The model is being used to share best practice across other areas of Humber and North Yorkshire.

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