24/7 support for Children and Young People’s Mental Health over the Festive Period through Childline.

The festive period can be a difficult time for children, young people and their families. While many enjoy the Christmas festivities, for some it can be a time of stress and anxiety or feeling isolated and alone. This Christmas may be particularly hard due to the cost-of-living crisis and the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

To support children and young people this festive season, Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership is launching a campaign with Mind to promote Childline across all six places in Humber and North Yorkshire (North Yorkshire, York, East Riding, Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire).

In recent consultation and engagement with Children and Young people across Humber and North Yorkshire they told us that Childline was a trusted source of support for mental health especially as it was free and always available when they needed it without having to wait.

The campaign aims to promote Childline’s mental health support and services and will share videos to help children, young people and their families know what Childline do for them.

The campaign launches across social media over Christmas and New Year. Resources from Childline have also been shared with for schools, youth centres and other partner organisations.

As Christmas approaches all organisations working with children and young people are urged to ensure that children and young people are aware of the support from Childline.

Childline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Children and Young People can talk to trained counsellors at the charity at any time on 0800 1111 (calls are free and confidential) or online at Childline.

Gail Teasdale, Children and Young People’s Mental Health Programme Lead at Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, said: “Christmas is a time when Children and Young People may feel anxious or alone especially when they can’t access the support of trusted adults in schools or in youth centres. By working together and disseminating this campaign, we can promote the service we know the children and young people in our areas trust, understand and value.”

For more information, please contact Gail Teasdale or Jack Moore.