Building a strong Integrated Care System

I frequently find myself describing the evolution of our ICS as a ‘construction project’!

This seems to me to explain the logical way in which we are establishing our Integrated Care System (ICS): we can’t build the roof for example until the supporting structures are in place. Like a construction project, there is an order in which to build: safe foundations first, reliable wiring and pipes, strong structures carefully considered, plenty of windows and doors to let in the light and create an open environment – and only when all this is done, a roof which can withstand the weather.

I think we are currently at the ‘windows and doors’ stage, with a little bit of finishing-off work required for the pipes and wiring! We are however, on target for a completion date of the 1 July!

At last, our Integrated Care Board is established, and in the week ahead it will meet for the first time. Of course, it is still early days. The board is in shadow form and the board members are all designate, but it is a beginning.

Importantly, this allows us to think very carefully about the next step in our process, which is establishing  our Integrated Care Partnership.

Success for an ICS will be built on, and by, a wide leadership community, who are committed to working together to improve the health and care of the 1.7 million people we serve. This is a community of equals, with shared purpose, willing to think, plan and work together to continually develop a sustainable health and care system.

While this Leadership Community comes together in part in the ICB, which is accountable for the performance of the ICS, it will come to life in the ICP, as it prepares and delivers an Integrated Care Strategy which will define how the Leadership Community will continually develop a sustainable health care system, meeting the needs of Place specifically and the ICS overall, strategically.

Sue Symington

Designate Chair: Humber, Coast and Vale Health & Care Partnership