It’s so good to be able to be out and about again!

A key part of my role is to ‘induct’ myself into the many partners of our ICS, as well as share the progress and ambitions of the ICS widely.

Delivering health and social care across our very significant geography involves thousands of people, and hundreds of organisations- and this creates a large Leadership Community. Our aim, through the work of the ICS and in particular, through the Integrated Care Partnership, is to work closely with this community, offering mutual support and seeking ways to improve the ways in which we all deliver together. As we develop our Integrated Care Partnership and as our 6 Places become increasingly established, we will be working with partners to think about how best to engage with the wider Leadership Community.

Part of this wider Leadership Community are our hospice Chief Executives and senior teams. I need no persuading of the remarkable work of the hospice movement, and was really delighted to be invited to meet with the Hospice Chief Executives in our ICS recently. They impressed me with their open-minded thinking, their willingness to contribute and their inspiring individual and collective commitment to their work. Our purpose as an ICS is to enable our population, “to start well, live well, age well and end life well.” The hospice movement is clearly at the heart of these aspirations.

As well as working with health and care providers, the ICS has a great interest in the social and economic development of our geography, which strongly influences the wider determinants of the health of our population, and we are beginning to reach out into the business community to start build relationships with employers in our geography. I am keen to attend Humber Business Week which is packed with interesting opportunities to learn and share issues, much of which would I am sure be useful for health and care leaders as well as business leaders.

Sue Symington

Designate Chair: Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership