The clue is in the name!

At the heart of Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership is a commitment to genuine partnership working with all those who have a stake in delivering and supporting health and care services across our wide geography.

We will become a broad alliance of organisations, jointly convened by local authorities and the NHS, with one objective in common, to improve population health and care. We will work with a broad range of partners, ensuring that the ICS plays a full part in social and economic development and environmental sustainability across our geography. I am keen to make the connection between a healthy population and healthy, positive workplaces which really care about the wellbeing of their staff.

Recently, I had an opportunity to see first-hand how this health and wellbeing ambition is supported by local employers in North Lincolnshire. I was delighted to attend the Healthy Workplace Awards in Scunthorpe. North Lincolnshire Council is committed to improving health and wellbeing across the whole of North Lincolnshire and their Healthy Workplace Awards showed that starting in the workplace can make a real difference.

The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme is an excellent way to improve the wellbeing of employees in various areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and emotional wellbeing, stop smoking support, musculoskeletal disorders, alcohol and substance misuse, and looking at safe and healthy working environments.

My congratulations go to all those employers whose efforts were recognised at the event. It is great work, and it makes a difference.

My thanks also go to North Lincolnshire Council for their commitment to this work. It has inspired me to promote and progress our developing work with local employers across the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

Sue Symington

Designate Chair: Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership