Disability Futures

Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership was proud to mark UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) 2023 but we wanted to ensure the important conversations around inclusion for our disabled workforce continued after the month ended.

Disability Futures was born as a mechanism for ensuring a continuing, year-round focus on the experiences of disabled colleagues working in health and care across Humber and North Yorkshire.

This page provides useful updates around what we have planned for Disability Futures.

You can also access useful links and resources for both disabled colleagues and allies working across our health and care partnership on our main UKDHM page.

Downloadable resources

The following resources have been created in Humber and North Yorkshire for colleagues to use:

NOTE: To download the images above onto your own computer, please click on the link for an image to open it, hover over the image using your mouse, right click and then choose ‘save as picture’. You can then save to your preferred location before adding to your email signature, MS Teams etc.

Higher-resolution versions of the logos are available by emailing hny.wellbeing@nhs.net.

Events in Humber and North Yorkshire

We plan to hold quarterly Disability Futures events for colleagues working in health and care across Humber and North Yorkshire.

The following event(s) are now open for bookings:

You can find details of all future events on our dedicated booking website, BookWhen.

You can also access recordings of our UKDHM 2023 events on our main page.

Humber and North Yorkshire (HNY) Inclusive Language Guidance

Read more about inclusive language around disability and beyond in the HNY Inclusive Language Guidance.

This page will be updated regularly. If you have content you’d like us to include, please email hny.wellbeing@nhs.net.

(Last updated Wednesday 20 December 2023)