East Riding Health and Care Committee

The Health and Care Committee represents the partnership between the NHS, local government and other partners including general practitioners (through PCN leadership) and the local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)

What is the Health and Care Committee?

The East Riding Health and Care Partnership is designed to understand and meet these needs focusing on neighbourhoods and Primary Care Networks (PCN), integrating to improve population health. This represents a meaningful change in thinking and approach.

Within the Health and Care Committee, our population health approach has resulted in an agreed set of multi-year programmes that are based around individuals and communities, moving away from a traditional focus on sectors and services.

Rural and Coastal Communities

We need to reduce the unfair and avoidable differences in the health and wellbeing of people living in our rural and coastal communities. This programme aims to uncover and understand the differing needs and demand within the rural and coastal communities within the East Riding of Yorkshire and then improve the current balance of need/supply/demand of health and social care services.


Bridlington Place Based Programme

Bridlington has a registered GP population of over 41,000 patients. Although the East Riding of Yorkshire overall has relatively good health outcomes, there remain pockets of deprivation and some of these are most densely concentrated in the Bridlington area. The programme will develop an overarching strategy for Bridlington. Although still to be determined fully, components (workstreams) for consideration could include:

• Healthcare and Care (including diagnostics)

• Education

• Estate and Assets

• Economic Strategy

• Digital


The delivery of person-centred, and population health focused health and care is dependent on the recruitment and retention of a stable, appropriately qualified workforce, which is reflective of the population it serves. Securing stable, financially rewarding, and enjoyable, employment will support improvement in local people’s life choices and chances and support a reduction in health inequalities associated with poverty and low paid or unstable work/employment.


Communications, Engagement, and Insight Development

The Communications, Engagement, and Insight Development Programme has developed from the Health and Care Committee’s (HCC) strategic intent to align national policy, strategy, and local population health intelligence. The Programme has been agreed around the principle of people being at the heart of decision-making and the need to take a population health approach to improving health and wellbeing outcomes and quality of life across the East Riding of Yorkshire.

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Inclusion Groups

Inclusion health is an umbrella term used to describe people who are socially excluded, who typically experience multiple overlapping risk factors for poor health, such as poverty, violence and complex trauma, currently experiencing or at risk of homelessness, forced migrants and refugees and those with substance and alcohol misuse difficulties. This programme will progress the following workstreams with the overarching aim of improving access to and experience of services within the East Riding for inclusion groups. :

• Understanding the strengths and needs of inclusion groups

• Workforce development

• Integration of support for inclusion groups

• Deep dive insight and co-production

Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

The four Integrated Neighbourhood teams in the East Riding are for operational practitioners to come together and work seamlessly, sharing information, providing advice and support. To support any individual, cohort or community that is causing concern through an early intervention and proactive care approach.