NHS Humber and North Yorkshire launches campaign to showcase diverse roles in GP practices

A new campaign has been launched by the NHS in Humber and North Yorkshire to showcase the different healthcare professionals working in our GP practices.

Primary care services across the country provide the first point of contact in the healthcare system and act as the ‘front door’ of the NHS.

This new campaign aims to highlight the different roles working alongside GPs that all help with health needs – allowing patients to get the right care from the right healthcare professional as quickly as possible.

Through Primary Care Networks (PCNs), most GP practices have a range of healthcare professionals, from social prescribers and frailty specialists to paramedics and physician associates, with each PCN assembling the most appropriate mix of staff to meet their patients’ needs.

Dr Nigel Wells, a GP and Executive Director of Clinical and Professional at NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), said: “Patient care has transformed and is continuing to do so, and the NHS must continue to adapt to match the changing needs of the communities we serve. Therefore, by having a workforce with specialised roles, we can expand access to care and tailor services to meet the needs of our diverse populations.

“When you contact your practice, a receptionist will ask you a few questions, listen, and talk to you confidently about your health problem. They are specially trained to know about the services available to you at your GP practice and in your area. They will be able to direct you to the best person for your medical needs – as it may not always be necessary to see a doctor in the first instance.”

Melanie Lyon, Lead Clinical Pharmacist at Holderness Health in East Riding, added: “We are experts, and all staff working in GP practices have the shared goal of making sure patients are directed to the right healthcare professional to receive the care they need – whether it’s a GP, mental health practitioner or another expert – we want to make sure their path to help is as efficient and effective as possible.

Latest data shows more than 826,000 appointments were made with GP practices in Humber and North Yorkshire in December 2023. Nearly 400,000 of those were with a practice nurse or a healthcare professional other than a GP.

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