Proposed changes to some hospital services in Northern Lincolnshire: people invited to Goole public consultation drop-in event

An exhibition and public drop-in event setting out details of a proposed change to the way a small number of more complex medical, urgent and emergency care and paediatric (children’s) services are delivered at hospitals in Northern Lincolnshire takes place in Goole this Thursday (12 October).

The proposal does not include any changes to the services provided at Goole and District Hospital, but it is anticipated the proposed changes could impact a very small number of patients (less than one per day) who live in the Goole area.

The consultation event is being held at The Courtyard in Boothferry Road (Thursday 12 October), with people invited to drop in any time between noon and 8pm to learn more about the proposal and provide their views.

Under the proposal, people who live in and around Goole who go to the Emergency Department (A&E) at Scunthorpe General Hospital, either themselves or by ambulance, would continue to be treated there. This would not change.

If a patient required care by one of the specialist teams which are proposed to be brought together, they would be transferred to Grimsby (Diana Princess of Wales Hospital) to access that care.

As is already the case, if someone from in or around Goole had a serious accident and needed to be treated in a Trauma Centre, they would be taken to the nearest Trauma Centre to them, which could be in Doncaster, Hull or York. In addition, any patient suffering a major heart attack would be taken to Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham, as they are today.

The local NHS wants to provide a small number of more complex medical, urgent and emergency care and paediatric (children’s) services from Diana Princess of Wales Hospital, rather than across the two hospital sites in Grimsby and Scunthorpe to “improve services for those with the most urgent and complex needs, keeping them safe and of high quality in the long term”.

The proposal relates specifically to:-

  • Trauma Unit – for people with injuries requiring specialist care (typically brought by ambulance) and who might need an operation or observation by a trauma team
  • Overnight emergency surgery – for people who need an operation in the middle of the night or who need to stay in hospital overnight and be looked after by teams with surgical expertise
  • Some medical specialities (inpatient) – for people who need a longer stay in hospital (more than 72 hours) and to be looked after by a specialist team for their heart, lung or stomach condition
  • Paediatric overnight (inpatient) care – for children and young people who need to stay in hospital for more than 24 hours

Urgent and emergency care for most patients would continue to be provided at both hospitals, including 24/7 Accident and Emergency Departments.

NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) is keen for everyone living or working in Goole, Grimsby, Scunthorpe and surrounding areas to have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed change before the consultation closes on 5 January next year.

Dr James Crick, the ICB’s Clinical Lead in East Yorkshire and Hull, said: “It is difficult to always give people the very best care because we have trouble attracting and keeping enough doctors, nurses and specialist staff with the right skills and expertise.

“This means some specialists (that cover particular health needs) are not available every day across both hospital sites in Scunthorpe and Grimsby and we are relying too heavily on temporary staff to fill the gaps, which is both costly and inefficient.

“Without change, we believe some services would become unsafe and unsustainable.

“Even though we are only consulting on a single option, we are listening. It is entirely possible that during the consultation feedback might be received which will change the proposal or how it is implemented.

“I would encourage everyone in Goole and Northern Lincolnshire to attend one of the drop-in events, if they can, or visit the consultation website at to find out more about the proposal, full details of the consultation events and provide feedback.” The events are part of a 14-week public consultation being led by NHS Humber and North Yorkshire ICB. Further drop-in events will take place on Monday 16 October at Grimsby Town Hall and on Friday 20 October at The Pods in Ashby Road, Scunthorpe – also from noon until 8pm.