Essential cancer services remain a high priority and the NHS is working hard to ensure that cancer diagnosis and treatment continue in a safe environment

There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for everyone. The rapid rise in Covid-19 cases and admissions to hospital has created immense pressures on cancer services across Humber, Coast and Vale, just like in other parts of the country. However, as we continue to respond to the pandemic, essential cancer services remain … Read more

I believe that encouraging the continued development of clinical networks is vital as we respond to the current challenges we face as a health and care system. So is creating the space for clinicians across sectors to problem solve and collaborate. This will move us toward the new ways of working we need.

Over recent months many of us across Humber Coast and Vale have been taking on roles that are system-facing whilst also continuing in our substantive positions. So I thought it worth reflecting on the challenges that this creates, and whether remote working makes this easier or more difficult. A couple of areas that I am … Read more

“Our focus is on patients, on their outcomes, and on the quality of services… not on organisations” – Senior Responsible Officer Phil Mettam reflects on the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance’s inaugural annual conference

I have been reflecting for a few days on our inaugural annual conference. It was a pretty big deal for the Cancer Alliance and a test of our ability to bring people together as part of the maturing partnership arrangements across Humber, Coast and Vale. We passed the test with flying colours. More than 150 … Read more