Q&A with Sallie Ward, Lead Midwife

Over the past year, midwives have worked in extraordinary circumstances to provide excellent care to women and their families across our region. To mark International Day of the Midwife on Wednesday 5th May, the Communications team at Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership (HCV) spoke to Sallie Ward, Lead Midwife for the Local … Read more

You will have seen the terrible things that have happened to a very small number of babies in the past; unfortunately the potential for abuse is still real and present, and we all need to do what we can to minimise this – safeguarding and maternity colleagues in Humber, Coast and Vale launch the ICON ‘Babies Cry, You Can Cope’ shaken baby prevention programme

We all know how difficult times have been over the last few months, and how sometimes it feels like the small things that used to just wash over us previously feel so much harder to bear. This is especially true when we’re stuck at home, without the opportunity to go for a cuppa with a … Read more