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Women’s health and the menopause

HNY Health and Care Partnership achieved our ambition of becoming a menopause friendly ICS in July 2022.

Some 75-80% of our workforce are women and consequently, at any one time a significant proportion of our colleagues will experience symptoms of menopause which might impact on their working life. 

This page provides information, videos and wider resources around women’s health and the menopause, including for line managers or those supporting a colleague or loved one.

It includes information that is specifically for gender diverse communities as well as resources that explore experiences of disabled people and / or people from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

For support, information and resources around other areas of colleague health and wellbeing, please visit our health and wellbeing home page or use the quick links section further down this page.

Resources (click to open)

Resources on this page include videos of previous virtual sessions, videos shared online by experts, links to useful websites, articles and guidelines.

We have split our resource section into spaces for each colleague group.

Resources for colleagues

Useful links (websites, guidance and articles)

Managing your menopause colleague support pack (Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership)

How to talk to your GP about menopause (Henpicked)

Balance – an app from menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson including resources, podcasts and videos

NICE guidelines for menopause diagnosis and management

Menopause Matters website

Manage My Menopause website

Pride in our Health – LGBT+ Health Hub

The Menopause Charity website

Rock My Menopause website

Hand reflexology to support good sleep during the menopause – a guide on reflexology practice from Hälsa Wellbeing

The British Medical Association (BMA) challenges the culture on menopause for working doctors – article from the BMA

Useful links and resources – the experiences of ethnically diverse people and the menopause

Black Health and Beyond website – Black women in menopause

“Menopause is different for Women of Colour” – New York Times article (shared by the SWAN Study)

“Should menopause management differ between ethnic groups” (article from The Pharmaceutical Journal)

Menopause in ethnic minority women (British Menopause Society)

Useful links and resources – the experiences of LGBT+ communities and the menopause

Queer Menopause website

Useful links and resources – the experiences of disabled and / or neurodiverse people and the menopause

“New research to explore the impact of menopause on autistic people” (Bournemouth University)

Video and audio recordings of menopause sessions and events held by our system

Meditation to support menopause – an audio recording of a guided meditation from Hälsa Wellbeing

Let’s talk menopause – a video of our event with journalist and Loose Women’s Kaye Adams and Dr Shahzadi Harper

A strengths-based, resilience-informed approach to the menopause

Financial wellbeing during the menopause – visit our financial wellbeing page for more about managing your money

Finding confidence and happiness through the menopause

Managing fatigue in menopause

Managing your emotional wellbeing and mental health in menopause

Managing menopause at work

Managing your menopause naturally

Mastering the menopause – therapeutic foods for perimenopause and beyond

Menopause, sexuality and intimacy

Mindfulness during the menopause

Money and the menopause

Oral health during the menopause

Peppy Health information session

PMS, PMDD and perimenopause – how hormones can affect your mood and what you can do about it

Self-care during the menopause – stretching and relaxation

Sleep support throughout the menopause

The natural menopause masterclass

Understanding your body systems

Details of all upcoming events are available on our booking website BookWhen.

Videos from outside our system

Early menopause and its treatment: what you need to know (Henpicked)

Hot flushes and what you can do about them (Henpicked)

How cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps during menopause (Henpicked)

How to get help from your GP during menopause (Henpicked)

Menopause and bone health (Henpicked)

Menopause and getting a good night’s sleep (Henpicked)

Menopause and fertility (Henpicked)

Menopause and mental health (Henpicked)

Menopause, mental health and brain fog (Henpicked)

Menopause and sex: what you need to know (Henpicked)

Menopause, weight gain and diets (Henpicked)

Problem periods and what you can do (Henpicked)

Your HRT questions answered (Henpicked)

Resources for line managers and those supporting others

Support guidance and guidelines

Line manager support guide (Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership)

The Menopause at Work – practicable guidelines for managers (NHS Employers)

Supporting our NHS people through menopause: guidance for line managers and colleagues (national – NHS England)


Menopause awareness e-learning (national – eLearning for Healthcare)

Menopause training for managers – a video of a session with Sarah Banks from Employees Matter

Please visit BookWhen for details of all upcoming training sessions hosted by Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

News articles

How menopause advocates are changing mindsets – an article exploring the creation of a menopause advocate scheme at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Three men and the menopause – a case study where three male leaders share why they believe menopause awareness is so important

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