Placement Expansion Programme

“My journey into digital worlds was not something that I anticipated when I started my secondment to support Allied Health Professionals with placement expansion across the Humber and North Yorkshire region.”

-Lucy Aldrich, Project Lead for Humber and North Yorkshire AHP Clinical Placement Expansion Programme.

Three people smiling dressed in clinical uniform with study books

I started my secondment in the Placement Expansion Project from December 2020, the programme itself is linked with Humber and North Yorkshire’s LEAP (Learning Environments and Assessment Project) programme which aims to create a healthier region where every learner on a clinical work placement has the opportunity, the support, and the infrastructure to thrive in their chosen health or care career.

The placement expansion project itself grows on this and aims to increase the number of placements offered to selected allied health professional students to enable the future health and care workforce to grow in sufficient numbers and with the skills the NHS needs.

I never imagined that my physiotherapy career would lead me to web design, and now blogging. 18 months ago, I was not particularly confident even connecting to webinars, but recently, not only did I present at one, but I also supported “live behind the scenes” when invited to.

Just like Dr Strange in the Marvel movies, my secondment has been like entering another dimension. The buildings may not have been upside down, but my head was. Starting to work from home on a laptop after 25 years in a hospital and communicating across organisations – some of which I had never heard of before, was a whole new landscape for me.

It has been an incredible experience. It has brought me many opportunities to influence AHP placement capacity including chances to:

  • Share and pilot The Hull Evaluator- Appraiser – Student – Integrated (EASI) model with the region’s AHPs – a model I designed to make life easier for everyone involved in a student’s learning experience.
  • Co-author and publish an article on the Hull EASI model – available here.
  • Work in partnership with the University of Hull and the national charity Versus Arthritis to develop and deliver role emergent placements for physiotherapy students – the recorded webinar will soon be available on Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership YouTube channel

I have learnt that I can still use my clinical skills to influence healthcare by translating them into report writing, leading engagement events, and networking. There have been many firsts for me like commissioning graphic designers, being interviewed and filmed for the HNY LEAP programme. As well as unique opportunities like working with local students and a charity to bring Boccia to Bridlington (a version of bowls for the physically impaired). It has been an incredible experience.

This secondment has given me the confidence to take my skills into yet another dimension – the world of regional fellowships, when in September, I will become a clinical fellow with FMLM (Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management) and the NHS Leadership Academy. Although I don’t know where this next stage will take me, I do know this secondment has positively changed my life.

If you are interested to see some of my work,  launches on a digital platform near you from the 8th of August.