Blog: Allied Health Professionals Day 2023

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) celebrated their 6th annual AHPs’ Day on 14 October 2023. AHP Day is a yearly occasion for AHPs in England and now internationally to unite and revel in their contribution. AHP Day offers a platform to spotlight the remarkable impact AHPs have on the delivery of care. The Humber and North … Read more

Blog: Enabling Innovation in Health and Social Care – Could this be the USP of Integrated Care Systems?

Dr Jacqueline Andrews, Humber and North Yorkshire Lead for Innovation, Research and Improvement Most agree that health and social care innovation is critical to improving patients’ and citizens’ quality of care and health and wellbeing outcomes. Where there is less agreement is where, in the never-ending challenges of funding and capacity, our appetite to prioritise … Read more

Talking people… let’s take pride in intersectionality

“We are all different and we are all the same, depending on the lens you use. But imagine a world where we are excited and enthusiastic about learning about our LGBT+ peers who have been ‘othered’ over the years… Imagine the enrichment in your life if you open your eyes and your heart to people … Read more

Stephen Eames: 50 years in the NHS

There aren’t many things more important to me than my beloved Leeds United. My family, including my wife, Debbie, and sons Robbie and Ted is a given. And then there’s the NHS – this remarkable organisation I have been blessed to have been a part of for 50 years and counting. A bit like the … Read more

The Realities of Coproducing an ICS-wide Young People’s Mental Health Advisory Group

Never has coproduction been higher on the national agenda, and finally there is widespread understanding of the value and importance of lived experience, but are we really equipped for the collaborative involvement of young people in designing and delivering health services? To establish a young people’s mental health advisory group, representative of communities from across … Read more

Supporting your Muslim colleagues during Ramadan

“Ramadan is personal and is different for everyone so it is important to not make assumptions. Not everyone fasts and this doesn’t make us any more or less Muslim. Most people are happy to answer questions where these are approached with an open mind, a willingness to learn and from a place of respect.”

Dr Yasmin Zaidy (she/her) – GP Partner, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Diabetes GPwSI and co-chair of the Primary Care Against Racism (PCaR) Network

Stress Awareness Month – Stress is anti-rest!

April is Stress Awareness Month and an opportunity to reflect on how we deal with pressure, cope with stress, and whether there are better ways that we can manage. Stress is our reaction to a challenging situation or life event bringing about feelings of worry, threat, or that things are out of control. In the … Read more