Smoking Cessation

This new year, swap smoking for more money and better mental health!

Stopping smoking is often referred to as ‘giving up’. But this New Year, Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership wants people to focus on the gains. By swapping cigarettes to safer forms of nicotine, such as patches, gum or a vape it says people can save hundreds of pounds, with significant improvements to … Read more

£1.5bn cost of smoking to Humber and North Yorkshire revealed as consultation on creating a smokefree generation closes

Health leaders in Humber and North Yorkshire have welcomed the public support for creating a smokefree generation, as the government consultation closes. Representatives from the tobacco control programme at the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, spoke to people across the length and breadth of the region, to get their views on stopping the … Read more

Humber and North Yorkshire health leaders back PM’s proposal to create a smokefree generation

NHS and Public Health leaders in Humber and North Yorkshire say they were delighted to hear new proposals to tackle smoking, outlined in the Prime Minister’s speech yesterday, with the potential for, “Era-defining legislation which will profoundly positively impact the population health of the region”. During his speech at the Conservative Party conference, Rishi Sunak … Read more

Make the swap and stop smoking! 

March the 8th is No Smoking Day 2023, and a great opportunity to have a go at quitting for good. Stopping smoking improves your brain health and reduces your chance of developing dementia. It’s never too late to quit to improve your mind, body, and bank balance! Most people are aware that smoking causes 16 … Read more

More support than ever before this Stoptober!

Stoptober is here again, and it’s a great opportunity to save some extra money by stopping smoking during the month of October. As well as benefitting your pocket, everyone who stops smoking for 28 days is 5 time more likely to quit for good, which has huge benefits for your health and that of everyone … Read more