The Low Calorie Diet Programme in Humber Coast and Vale shows great results, helping Type 2 Diabetes Patients make major improvements to their health.

The Humber, Coast and Vale Low Calorie Diet Programme has gone from strength to strength since launching in September 2020, helping people who are overweight and living with type 2 diabetes improve their health.

Since it was established as one of 10 pilot sites, the Low Calorie Diet Programme in Humber Coast and Vale has seen an impressive average weight loss of 13.5kg (over two stones) for participants in the first 12-weeks. There have been strong referral rates by GPs, with 162 patients having started the programme, and drop-out rates low, at just 7.4%.

Using the total diet replacement approach, the programme supports people with type 2 diabetes to lose weight improve their blood glucose levels, reduce their need for diabetes-related medication and even put their type 2 diabetes into remission.

Participants receive low-calorie meal replacement products for 12 weeks (such as shakes and soups), support to increase exercise levels and help to reintroduce food after this period, whilst maintaining a healthy rate of weight loss.

The programme is fully remote and is delivered over 12 months by a team of diabetes specialist dietitians who provide education and behaviour change support during the stages of the programme.

The positive results are in line with expectations, as we know from previous studies, that the Programme has been shown to reverse diabetes for some, improve diabetes control for others, and reduce diabetes-related medication usage.

One example of a patient to benefit from the Low Calorie Diet Programme is Sandy, who has let cameras follow her progress. You can view her first episode here and find out how she progresses with episode 2 and episode 3. It is hoped her experience will inspire others to get involved.

In Humber, Coast and Vale the NHS Low Calorie Diet Programme is provided by Oviva, a leading digital behaviour change company with a proven track record of delivering programmes for obesity and Type 2 diabetes support and prevention.

A referral is needed to access the Programme and an information pack, which contains useful resources including a consultation checklist and referral form, has been shared with all GP practices. Additional packs can be requested by emailing

Drop-in sessions will be taking place on Wednesday 30 June, 12.00 – 1.00pm and Tuesday 13 July, 1.30 – 2.30pm to find out more and to ask questions about eligibility and referrals.

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