Amanda Bloor: Looking back at 2020-21 and its impact on the wider NHS

It is now a year since the UK went into its first lockdown, with citizens told to stay home to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed by the growing cases of Covid-19. 2020-21 was an exceptional year for health and social care staff across Humber, Coast and Vale.

Amanda Bloor, Accountable Officer for North Yorkshire CCG and Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership Director for North Yorkshire and York, spoke about her experiences of the past year and her views on the impact on the wider NHS, as well as what she looks forward to in the coming months.

How do you think Covid-19 will impact the NHS in 2021 and beyond?
There will be a focus on the waiting lists and catching up while also building on the learning and innovation using less face to face appointments where appropriate and increasing use of technology. There will hopefully be more flexibility in relation to travel and time spent in the car.

What do you think we have learned from the NHS’s response to the pandemic?
That working together across NHS and partner agencies such as local authorities produces a better response than in silo organisations. The people in the NHS and partner organisations are amazing and resilient and we should be proud of them all.

Has 2020 changed the way you work. If so, how?
Working from home – used to be a rare luxury, now all days are spent on Teams calls. We need to ensure that there is thinking time factored into our days and we really nail the balance and expectation.

What excites you about the coming year?
From a work perspective building new teams and new ways of working that’s not just on teams. Really focussing on addressing inequalities, supporting places and neighbourhoods to develop and thrive. Out of work Seeing people again, going to see live music and sport. Going on an aeroplane!

What are you determined to do less of, professionally, than you did in 2020?
Sitting down and being on Teams.

What do you think you’ll do more of in 2021 than ever before – when restrictions are no longer in place?
See people, eat out, go to the pub and travel.

Which activity or destination are you most keen to do or visit later in 2021 and why? Participating in the Great North Run (my favourite and home town race) , sitting on a beach in Greece and being in the snowy Austrian mountains  – sun and snow!

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