Mental Health

To mark Youth Mental Health Day, which fell on 19th September, Gail Teasdale, our Children and Young People’s Mental Health Programme Lead, writes about the specific challenges faced by this generation of young people.

Youth has always been a challenging time. Most of the changes young people endure are not by choice, such as changing schools, and the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. However, these are changes that can be planned for, and support can be given to make navigating the path to adulthood easier. Over the last … Read more

Face to face care has been more limited recently so it’s critical we identify where patients experiencing mental ill health may be at risk of domestic violence. Developing training and strengthening links with local domestic abuse partnerships helps us support women with known mental ill health who are in a vulnerabe position and may need additional support

A recent UN report has found that cases of domestic abuse increased by 20% during the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown. With many victims trapped at home with their abuser, the UN has described the global rise in domestic violence cases as a “shadow pandemic” alongside Covid-19. Separate findings from Women’s Aid have shown that about … Read more