“We have a responsibility to reduce health inequalities and to stand in solidarity with our LGBT+ colleagues and communities; to raise our voices in support and challenge, to ensure that every person is welcome here, is recognised here and is celebrated here, just as they are.”

Jayne Adamson, Executive Director of People, NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board As Pride month draws to a close, we continue to show our support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) people across our workforce and the local communities we serve. We’re supporting Pride events throughout the summer months and focusing on … Read more

National Careers Week 2022

“National Careers Week 2022: How Humber, Coast and Vale Workforce Consortium support people into health and care careers.”

-Amanda Fisher, Programme Director of the Health and Care Workforce Consortium and Faculty of Advancing Practice

Covid Workforce Retention Project

The Humber, Coast and Vale Workforce Consortium is currently leading a National Project for NHS England and NHS Improvement that aims to retain temporary workers in our area, particularly those that came forward to work during the pandemic. The project, led by Victoria Wilkins, has reached out to various organisations across Humber, Coast and Vale … Read more

The launch of the Health and Social Care Ambassador Scheme sees ambitious plans to recruit and develop our vital future workforce

Across Humber, Coast and Vale the Health and Social Care Workforce Consortium are working together with partners to promote Health and Social Care as a career of choice. As part of our efforts, a Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Social Care Ambassador Scheme will be formally launched at an online event on Tuesday 8th June 2021 … Read more

Our commitment to apprenticeships is helping to attract many more into health and care careers as well as providing further talent opportunities for existing staff across Humber, Coast and Vale

In July 2020, NHS England published the People Plan, setting out ambitions around workforce, whilst focussing efforts on “rapid” recruitment across all health and care roles and professions. I warmly welcomed the plan, setting out our targets up to March 2021 and reflecting the incredible effort of staff across the Humber, Coast and Vale partnership, … Read more