Expansion of community diagnostic services will benefit thousands living in our region.

We recently announced that the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership (HCV) had secured a share of a £350m national pot to support the development of community-based diagnostic services.

As a first step, the HCV Partnership is purchasing its own mobile MRI and CT scanners which will be deployed flexibly across the region.  This development will significantly increase the number of MRI and CT scans being performed each month, reducing waiting times and improving access to diagnostic services in community settings.

In addition to investing in mobile MRI and CT services, we are also purchasing a range of additional equipment that will be used to enhance our existing community-based diagnostic services.  This new equipment includes X Ray machines, ultrasound scanners, Echocardiography machines and cystoscopy equipment.

Partner organisations are also working together to develop plans for further service developments which will build on this great start, providing an increased range of diagnostic tests in easy-to-reach settings.  The overall aim of the programme is to improve access to diagnostic services, resulting in more effective management of many clinical conditions and improved outcomes for patients.

GPs and other clinicians will be able to refer patients to these community-based services, allowing a much wider range of conditions to be diagnosed without having to travel to a hospital. The new service arrangements will be more convenient for patients, more efficient and more resilient.

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