Health leaders issue open letter to residents in Humber and North Yorkshire areas

Health leaders unite to call on residents to comply with the current regulations to protect themselves and their loved ones

We know how difficult this year has been and how hard it is to live with the continuation of restrictions, particularly in the run up to Christmas. Our nurses, doctors, social care staff and other key workers across health and social care would like to reach out in thanks to every resident for all your efforts in helping to keep this virus at bay. Our teams are working around the clock to keep you and your loved ones safe during this incredibly uncertain and challenging time for us all. We, in the NHS, are here for you.

The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic has hit our region and hit hard. In Hull, where rates are among the highest in the country, around 1 in every 130 residents now has the virus. Across our region communities face significantly high infection rates, with Scarborough and North East Lincolnshire also in the top 15 areas nationally.

Our cases and hospital admissions this week are higher than at any other point during the pandemic, which puts significant pressure on our health and care services. We all have a role to play in reducing the transmission of Covid-19 and there are simple measures that each of us can take to halt the spread now.

Following the rules – hands, face, space – is the best defence we have against this virus. We need everyone in our communities to stay at home during this lockdown period except under the limited circumstances permitted through the current guidance. If you, someone you live with or someone in your support bubble develops symptoms, you must self-isolate immediately. If contacted by NHS Track and Trace and requested to self-isolate, you must do so straight away.

We have learnt so much about Covid-19 and how to treat it, but the virus remains a potent threat. The more we can work together to reduce the rate of transmission in our communities, the fewer people will require hospital treatment for Covid-19. This will enable our NHS staff to carry out more of the routine surgery and appointments that people in our communities need.

We need your continued support, this is not over yet. Please help us by:

  • Only using A&E for emergencies that are life or limb-threatening
  • Consulting NHS 111 first (by phone or online) to help you get the right service
  • Attending any appointments booked on your behalf
  • Being prepared to travel to a different location for appointments or treatment
  • Helping family and friends to get online so they can access online services if required

The national lockdown will be in place until Wednesday, 2nd December (which is just 9 days away), before a return to tiered regional restrictions. Any future relaxation of restrictions is dependent on a review of the data concerning Covid-19 prevalence in our communities. None of us wants to live with these restrictions any longer than we have to and so it is extremely important that we all faithfully follow the latest guidance.

This is not a time to be complacent. We must all act and we must act together to protect one another and to protect our loved ones.

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