Career Development Month Blog

“Recruiting the health and social care workforce continues to be a challenge for many reasons and some of our work focuses on what support we can give to people wanting to work in the sector and how those already employed can continue to learn, develop and progress in their careers.”

– Tina Jenkinson & Victoria Wilkins, Project Managers of the Grow and Train Team at Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in people wanting to come and work in the health and care sector and we have been working hard to harness people’s interest and retain people who did come forward to help with vaccinations through the covid workforce retention project.

As part of this project, we have been able to fund a new careers hub website which brings together information on how to get into health and care, education, apprenticeships, jobs, and resources.

www.hnycareershub.co.uk is a one-stop-shop providing information from across Humber and North Yorkshire to help young people, those looking to return to health and care as well as adult learners who may be entering the job market for the first time.

The website has been developed with input from various stakeholders and the career pathways section provides valuable information on over 100 jobs. This number will increase all the time as we add more and more to the website and as new roles emerge. The website uses the format of ‘Get in’, ‘Get on’ and ‘Go Further’ to help people to see how they can get into certain job roles, what that may lead to and how they can further develop themselves. Bookmark the weblink now and check it regularly for new opportunities.

An example could be someone who ‘Gets in’ as a healthcare support worker who then ‘Gets on’ by undertaking an apprenticeship to become a nursing associate. For them to ‘Go Further’ there is the option to undertake additional competencies to increase their scope of practice or they could choose to undertake further studies and become a registered nurse. All these roles can be within health or care which further increases the opportunities available.

Getting in is the first step to a world of work which is rewarding, meaningful and adds value to people’s lives enabling them to start well, live well, age well and end life well. For everyone working in health and care there is opportunity to develop through mandatory training, additional continuing professional development and through promotions as well as apprenticeships and academic study.

This new website hosts all this information and really helps to point people in the right direction whilst also providing resources to help with finding a job, course, or apprenticeship, completing an application, writing CVs and personal statements and interview techniques.