Staff wellbeing – Beat the January Blues

44% of UK workers have reported negative effects on their mental health as a result of winter (1Occupational Health and Wellbeing). The winter months are challenging for many as we face a lack of sunlight and shortened daylight hours. This can result in low mood, feeling tired, and losing interest in the things we usually … Read more

Career Development Month Blog

“Recruiting the health and social care workforce continues to be a challenge for many reasons and some of our work focuses on what support we can give to people wanting to work in the sector and how those already employed can continue to learn, develop and progress in their careers.”

– Tina Jenkinson & Victoria Wilkins, Project Managers of the Grow and Train Team at Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

Allied Health Professions (AHPs’) Day

“AHP day has never been more important as we move towards delivering more integrated health care, closer to home and out of hospital of which AHPs’ can play key roles in.”

– Keiley Somers, Humber and North Yorkshire Allied Health Professions Faculty Project Lead.

Registered Nursing Associates Forum

“The forum is a safe space where Registered Nursing Associates are able to talk freely, learn, share and develop with their peers.”

– Victoria Wilkins, Lead for Nursing Associates at Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.